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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Tips for Healthy growth of Height and weight for your children

"Health is Wealth " is a common proverb which we use in our daily life. When it comes to children , parents always check height and weight of their children regularly so that they look physically and mentally fit according to their age. Otherwise they immediately need to consult a doctor for avoiding future health problems. Height plays a vital role in everybody life because it stops growing after certain age. Hence it is necessary to take proper steps before its too late for your children.

During my childhood, my father always use to regularly mark the height and weight of my brother and mine. I used to ask him why he does this regularly. He used to tell me with a smile that he is trying to learn whether I am growing or not. Funny thing was I always try to stand on my toes to show my father that I am growing and I am to his height.

There are many benefits of staying healthy with good height and weight. Some of the advantages are shared below

For taking part in Sports:
Now, so we already know why height and weight plays an important role in the daily life. Likely if your kids want to take part in any sports activity, you need to get a physical fitness certificate where ones height and weight plays an important role.

If you want your kids to take part in NCC or NSS etc., activities:
Here also again it plays an important role of height and weight which are very much necessary to participate in this activities and serve the country.

For getting jobs in Airforce,Navy, Army etc: Many of my friends though they are physically fit and capable enough, they were always used to drag back because of their height. So if you want your children to serve country in Airforce, Navy, Army etc, then concentrate on your child height and weight which are important for selections.

Health tips for active growth of height and weight of your children:

Take part in sports:
Nothing more than sports help your children to be healthy. This helps to active their cells in the body, help in spending unnecessary calories, active the brain etc., This also helps them excel in their studies as well. Basket ball is best for growing height, we all know why.

Healthy diet : Now a days many children are running after fast food, which is a healthy hazard, so slowly control your children by diverting them to fruits , dry fruits, vegetables like carrot, beet root etc. they slowly love it. Make sure that you make them eat proper diet food with required nutrients.

Health drinks: We find many health drinks that consists of required nutrients and proteins which are needed for the growth of height and weight of children .Likely though their are many brands in the market , Horlicks , the health drink brand which is very popular among the children (during my childhood I used to eat rather than drinking it)  have come up with healthy growth drink with necessary contents of proteins and nutrients for the children between the age of 6-9 years, and can see an active growth with in 6 months if they are lagging back of proper height and weight .You can check out in this link for further details

So, parents should not neglect the height and weight of the children if  they are not growing according to their age, if certainly effects the bright future of the children.
Act now before it is too late.



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