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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Health benefits of Quinoa grains

Quinoa the Queen of Grains, are you searching for one food that helps you in controlling your weight, get rid of digestive problems ,immediate remedy for severe headache, then you landed on a correct place, today i am going to discuss about the health benefits of "Quinoa" which is called as  Mother of grains. So now, why i said mother of grains because when you compared with other grains , quinoa is rich in proteins, unsaturated fats, potassium, phosphorous, copper, zinc, E vitamin, B6 etc.,

Best food for weight loss:

If you are dieting, then you must try quinoa because 
  • this is easily digestible
  • helps in controlling the sugar levels in blood, 
  •  helps you in melting unwanted fat 
  • compared to other grains the quinoa has low fat, rich in vitamins , proteins etc., if you think of barley, wheat ,egg etc for proteins then quinoa is more rich in it.
Want calcium then try Quinoa:

Now a days many are facing a problem with deficiency of Calcium and many of them prefer to take milk for calcium but if you don't like milk then you can try Quinoa as it is rich in calcium.

Best for Healthy heart and solution for Digestive problems:

As quinoa is rich in Magnesium it helps in making your heart healthier, it also helps in solving digestive problems.

/Not only this, if you are facing any problem with headache then make sure of taking quinoa in your daily food, soon you will be getting the relief and also it helps you in making your brain active. If you like Indian food then you can try making kichidi with this.So if  you are looking for healthy food  then you must try quinoa. I hope you like this article and find it useful.



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