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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Impact of Cloves and pepper on Health

Many of us think that Cloves and pepper are only used as a spice to make food tasty. But, clove and pepper has many benefits which  directly or indirectly shows impact on our health.

Cloves are the only spices where we can find Vitamin A and Beta carotene which we usually find more in green leafy vegetables and fruits. Cloves also helps in getting rid of many cancers especially lung cancer  and mouth cancer.

So, now let us know how cloves are useful in daily life and how it can be useful in leading a healthy life:

Best medicine for teeth infections:  Clove oil is used as a medicine in dealing with teeth and gum infections. Take a small cotton ball with clove oil and smear near the infection, which immediately provides the relief, the same with the gums.

Helps in solving respiratory problems: When you are facing with cold or cough then taking of clove will help you in providing relief in taking breath properly and it acts as a natural pain killer.

Cloves are best for Digestion: Sometime we take food heavily especially during functions, festivals etc., and face the problem of indigestion which results in vomiting etc., , at that moment chewing of cloves helps you in easy digestion .

Helps in controlling Blood pressure: Potassium, manganese, Zinc in cloves helps in controlling blood pressure.

clove oil as an ointment: clove oil can be applied on the wounds, mosquito bites etc., which helps in curing early as possible.

Cloves as mouth freshener: Bad smell from mouth can be controlled by chewing cloves regularly.

Not only this, cloves also help in maintaining the skin and grow hair properly.

Pepper is one of the best spices in controlling indigestion and gastric problems, The antibacterial and antioxidants in pepper help in maintaining a healthy body . Pepper is also helpful in loosing weight  which helps in fitness.

Eradicating Breast cancer: Taking pepper in your daily food helps in decreasing the chances of breast cancer which is nowadays found more in women. 

Controlling weight: pepper has fat controlling supplements which helps in not increasing weight in the body.

For controlling Stress: The alkaloids in pepper helps in releasing serotonin harmone which helps in controlling stress . 

As we all know that pepper is best used as spice not only to make food tasty but also helps in digestion. The alkaloids present in pepper helps in releasing more hydrochloric acid which ultimately helps in digestion of proteins in our body, this likely helps in proper digestion, get rid of gastric trouble, Pepper is also can be used with the milk when we face with severe cold or cough it immediately provides relief in breathing properly.

Taking of Pepper is not recommended for the persons who has undergone operations and are facing stomach infectious diseases, it is better to consult your physician before using it.

So, what are your views regarding this spices, please share with me.

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