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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Tips for Healthy growth of Height and weight for your children

"Health is Wealth " is a common proverb which we use in our daily life. When it comes to children , parents always check height and weight of their children regularly so that they look physically and mentally fit according to their age. Otherwise they immediately need to consult a doctor for avoiding future health problems. Height plays a vital role in everybody life because it stops growing after certain age. Hence it is necessary to take proper steps before its too late for your children.

During my childhood, my father always use to regularly mark the height and weight of my brother and mine. I used to ask him why he does this regularly. He used to tell me with a smile that he is trying to learn whether I am growing or not. Funny thing was I always try to stand on my toes to show my father that I am growing and I am to his height.

There are many benefits of staying healthy with good height and weight. Some of the advantages are shared below

For taking part in Sports:
Now, so we already know why height and weight plays an important role in the daily life. Likely if your kids want to take part in any sports activity, you need to get a physical fitness certificate where ones height and weight plays an important role.

If you want your kids to take part in NCC or NSS etc., activities:
Here also again it plays an important role of height and weight which are very much necessary to participate in this activities and serve the country.

For getting jobs in Airforce,Navy, Army etc: Many of my friends though they are physically fit and capable enough, they were always used to drag back because of their height. So if you want your children to serve country in Airforce, Navy, Army etc, then concentrate on your child height and weight which are important for selections.

Health tips for active growth of height and weight of your children:

Take part in sports:
Nothing more than sports help your children to be healthy. This helps to active their cells in the body, help in spending unnecessary calories, active the brain etc., This also helps them excel in their studies as well. Basket ball is best for growing height, we all know why.

Healthy diet : Now a days many children are running after fast food, which is a healthy hazard, so slowly control your children by diverting them to fruits , dry fruits, vegetables like carrot, beet root etc. they slowly love it. Make sure that you make them eat proper diet food with required nutrients.

Health drinks: We find many health drinks that consists of required nutrients and proteins which are needed for the growth of height and weight of children .Likely though their are many brands in the market , Horlicks , the health drink brand which is very popular among the children (during my childhood I used to eat rather than drinking it)  have come up with healthy growth drink with necessary contents of proteins and nutrients for the children between the age of 6-9 years, and can see an active growth with in 6 months if they are lagging back of proper height and weight .You can check out in this link for further details

So, parents should not neglect the height and weight of the children if  they are not growing according to their age, if certainly effects the bright future of the children.
Act now before it is too late.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Health benefits of Quinoa grains

Quinoa the Queen of Grains, are you searching for one food that helps you in controlling your weight, get rid of digestive problems ,immediate remedy for severe headache, then you landed on a correct place, today i am going to discuss about the health benefits of "Quinoa" which is called as  Mother of grains. So now, why i said mother of grains because when you compared with other grains , quinoa is rich in proteins, unsaturated fats, potassium, phosphorous, copper, zinc, E vitamin, B6 etc.,

Best food for weight loss:

If you are dieting, then you must try quinoa because 
  • this is easily digestible
  • helps in controlling the sugar levels in blood, 
  •  helps you in melting unwanted fat 
  • compared to other grains the quinoa has low fat, rich in vitamins , proteins etc., if you think of barley, wheat ,egg etc for proteins then quinoa is more rich in it.
Want calcium then try Quinoa:

Now a days many are facing a problem with deficiency of Calcium and many of them prefer to take milk for calcium but if you don't like milk then you can try Quinoa as it is rich in calcium.

Best for Healthy heart and solution for Digestive problems:

As quinoa is rich in Magnesium it helps in making your heart healthier, it also helps in solving digestive problems.

/Not only this, if you are facing any problem with headache then make sure of taking quinoa in your daily food, soon you will be getting the relief and also it helps you in making your brain active. If you like Indian food then you can try making kichidi with this.So if  you are looking for healthy food  then you must try quinoa. I hope you like this article and find it useful.

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Impact of Cloves and pepper on Health

Many of us think that Cloves and pepper are only used as a spice to make food tasty. But, clove and pepper has many benefits which  directly or indirectly shows impact on our health.

Cloves are the only spices where we can find Vitamin A and Beta carotene which we usually find more in green leafy vegetables and fruits. Cloves also helps in getting rid of many cancers especially lung cancer  and mouth cancer.

So, now let us know how cloves are useful in daily life and how it can be useful in leading a healthy life:

Best medicine for teeth infections:  Clove oil is used as a medicine in dealing with teeth and gum infections. Take a small cotton ball with clove oil and smear near the infection, which immediately provides the relief, the same with the gums.

Helps in solving respiratory problems: When you are facing with cold or cough then taking of clove will help you in providing relief in taking breath properly and it acts as a natural pain killer.

Cloves are best for Digestion: Sometime we take food heavily especially during functions, festivals etc., and face the problem of indigestion which results in vomiting etc., , at that moment chewing of cloves helps you in easy digestion .

Helps in controlling Blood pressure: Potassium, manganese, Zinc in cloves helps in controlling blood pressure.

clove oil as an ointment: clove oil can be applied on the wounds, mosquito bites etc., which helps in curing early as possible.

Cloves as mouth freshener: Bad smell from mouth can be controlled by chewing cloves regularly.

Not only this, cloves also help in maintaining the skin and grow hair properly.

Pepper is one of the best spices in controlling indigestion and gastric problems, The antibacterial and antioxidants in pepper help in maintaining a healthy body . Pepper is also helpful in loosing weight  which helps in fitness.

Eradicating Breast cancer: Taking pepper in your daily food helps in decreasing the chances of breast cancer which is nowadays found more in women. 

Controlling weight: pepper has fat controlling supplements which helps in not increasing weight in the body.

For controlling Stress: The alkaloids in pepper helps in releasing serotonin harmone which helps in controlling stress . 

As we all know that pepper is best used as spice not only to make food tasty but also helps in digestion. The alkaloids present in pepper helps in releasing more hydrochloric acid which ultimately helps in digestion of proteins in our body, this likely helps in proper digestion, get rid of gastric trouble, Pepper is also can be used with the milk when we face with severe cold or cough it immediately provides relief in breathing properly.

Taking of Pepper is not recommended for the persons who has undergone operations and are facing stomach infectious diseases, it is better to consult your physician before using it.

So, what are your views regarding this spices, please share with me.

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Impact of Instant food on Health

Eat healthy Live Healthy, this is the usual proverb which we hear often from our childhood, but the fact is in this busy life schedule many of us are depending on fast food centers, hotels, canteen etc., in short we are mostly depending on outside food, this is ultimately showing impact on health of many at a very young age with diseases like thyroid, diabetic, obesity etc.,

Secondly, no body is trying to have food at regular timing which again showing impact on health , Even doctors , Nutritionists are suggesting to take food in time and at regular intervals. Even some are skipping their breakfasts.

Thirdly, regular exercise at least 30 min walk is necessary to keep you fit and find in this polluted, busy, competitive ,corporate world.  Now a days even some corporate companies are providing facilities like yoga, Gyms etc., but using them is also necessary which completely depends on us.

Today i want to give five tips which we all can do and keep our health good :

Eat well sleep well: Yes the fact is now a days many of us are not even eating properly or sleeping properly, for example all of a sudden if we got a message on social networking sites like whatsapp or facebook etc., we wake up from our sleep which is not good for health better you keep your Internet off during night time, second thing while eating please be away from your mobiles, television, laptops, tabs etc., see what you are eating, how much you are eating ,try to enjoy your food, and take food at regular time without skipping .

Stop Junk Eat Fresh : Junk foods are mostly prepared with all purpose flour (Maida) which is not good for health, i don't want to say stop eating but slowly replace this with the fresh fruits and vegetables like carrots, soon you can see the change.

Enjoy your life and never forget your loved ones: Many of us know what is going to happen if we don't react ultimately but we still complain, this is the major difference between people who succeed and who fail, if you can understand this simple logic no body can beat you. Here i want to say that schedule your tasks, complete your work today itself, don't postpone. Spend some time with your loved ones go for a long drive in a car or bike, small vacations, this will bring happiness to your life and feel relaxed.

Regular Exercise and Meditation: Sleep early and wake up early, if you like walking in the early morning, go for a walk at least for 30 min, and this will surely bring difference in your life.

Take a hobby, this is the time for you: If you want to bring a change in your life then build up your hobby weather it can be playing a guitar, singing songs, playing with kids, teaching, painting, cooking etc., anything it can be , this is the time which you need to keep yourself, so that this can bring your peepy life back to you and can set new goals to yourself.

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Enjoyed reading this, please share your views as well.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Healthy food makes you fit and fine

Health is wealth this is an all time mantra for the people all around the World. How can we be healthy is the most common question asked by many , a simple logic, if we do proper regular exercise,  eat healthy food and sleep in time then you will never have any health issue.  A morning walk, yoga, simple physical exercises, gardening etc., helps your body to be fit and active .   I can say it for sure as i am a live example as i  go for a morning walk and meet my friends early in the morning and chit chat with them by  cracking jokes  or i simply walk  listening to pleasant music that’s it, my whole day will go with out a single tension on my face and i stay healthy. In my work life, i always get an appreciation of being active, hardworking and always smile on my face and all that credit goes to my family as they  helped and taught me to maintain a healthy life style.

About my healthy lifestyle,  i am a big foodie , I love to make and eat  different varieties snacks which are simple,healthy, less time taking and tasty .I generally think of taking oil free breakfast early in the morning, i usually prefer for idilis, juice with fruits or egg white, sandwich or  cornflakes with cold milk which is my all time favorite. I never skip breakfast so i prefer mostly Kellogg cornflakes with almonds,fruits or simply cold milk.   The best thing about cornflakes is it is ready to it, tasty and is available anywhere in world, so i am really happy about this . Recently, Kelloggs has introduced new advertisement with Kellogg's walle Guptaji ka nastha in which their is a family of four,  Guptaji head of the family and works as distributor for Kellog’s , his wife shalu who is a house wife who takes care of her husband and their two children Ritu and Rohan  who are very naughty and smart. Shalu ji makes varieties of tasty recipes with using cornflakes with varieties of names like date wala nashta, chup kaarane wala nashta, line pe laane wala nashta etc., and brings  a  smile on the faces of family members and also learns new  recipes with the help of his husband best friend who is a chef .  

I really love this family as it is similar to mine, as we are also family of four and i believe the family which lives together, eats together and smiles together never can  face tough time in their life's. And if i got a chance to meet guptaji family, i love to go for nastha for guptaji home as i surely can say that food will be tastier and healthy, would get a chance to  learn new recipes , tips  from shalu ji, spend time with such a lovely family and try those recipes and serve to my family as well.

If you are also interested to know about this family , want to  learn new recipes of cornflakes you need to check out these videos believe me these are so simple and tasty. If you are also like me and always try healthy recipes, please do share with me.
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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Top 5 Benefits of Green Tea in Daily life

Why Green Tea?
Now a days, many of them has become health conscious and taking care of their health and also their dear ones. Likely, today i want to discuss regarding the top 5 benefits of Green tea and why most of the people prefer them :

1.The caffeine which is present in Green Tea is good for health:  Not like usual caffeine which we find in coffee and some energy drinks which is usually not good for health so you can replace your other drinks with this Green Tea. 

2.Green tea reduces stress , reduces weight, tooth pain  and boosts immunity: It seems that the theanine in green tea helps in reducing stress, EGCG helps in reducing weight and also boost immunity and not only this it also helps you to relief with your tooth pain. 

 3. Want to get rid of heart disease, diabetes  , blood clots and high blood pressure try Green tea: yes, Green tea helps us in smooth flow of blood in our body, poly phenols and polysaccharides help in controlling the sugar levels in our body and also it helps in controlling the blood pressure and helps in increasing the good level of cholesterol and also improves arteries function which helps in good functioning of heart.

4. Helps in reduction of weight: Green tea helps burning the extra fat in our body due to the presence of catechins so if you are planning for weigh loss then add it in your regular diet.

5. Protects your skin and also helps in growth of your hair:  It protects your skin from sun as it works as an antioxidant and also when it is applied to hair it helps in smooth growth of hair.
Even though their are more healthy benefits like  helps in getting rid of memory loss, prevents wrinkles etc., the above five are the most common reason why people prefer for Green tea. So want to test it have Green tea and check it and share your views.

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Saturday, January 31, 2015

5 Tips for a refreshing face with Neem Face wash

One of the best ways to have an attractive look is to have to freshness in face all the time. Freshness in face attracts any kind of person in any point of time. If you are going for an interview or you are taking a presentation, one of the best ways to have attraction from the audience is to have freshness in your face.

Given below are some tips to have freshness in your face all the time even if you have oily skin or suffering with pimples.

Tips to avoid pimples

Do you have pimples on your face and looking for remedies, then this article is for you. Right from childhood, I have the problem of pimples. I have seen many of teenagers nowadays have pimples. This is because I was breaking the pimples which were spreading them all over the face.

 1.Best way to solve pimples problems is to avoid it at the initial stage itself. As old saying “Prevention is better than cure”, if you have an initial stage of pimples, don’t break them. Otherwise you are at a stage where you will be spending money just avoiding pimples in the entire life.

2. Another way of avoiding pimples is to regularly use a face wash which will help you to avoid pimples. Being a HR manager, I am always in meetings giving presentation and one of the best ways I keep myself refreshing is regularly using my Garnier Neem Facewash.

3.By using face wash which has Neem extracts, you have the chance to clean the pores thus avoid spreading of pimples and removing excess oil on the skin. This keeps skin healthy and refreshing.
4. For job seekers and people in corporate world, it is very much necessary to be refreshed to make them success in their work. For HR executives in this corporate world, every day we need to meet new people, talk to them, give presentations and we usually make sure that everything is perfect. One of the best ways to keep yourself active is to regularly clean your face. Also having Green tea is one way to keep yourself active at the work place.

5. Now there are many face wash available in the market and you must be preferring the best face wash for your needs. In olden days, turmeric neem and sandalwood were some of the things that were helpful in keeping face clean for bacteria. So select a face wash that best meets your needs and which helps you from removing dark spots and avoiding pimples.

I had good experience with Garnier products and Neem face wash of Garnier is one which I would suggest if you are looking for a face wash for pimples or oily skin. Do share your experiences about some of the best ways to keep yourself active and refreshed at work.

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