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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Tips for Healthy growth of Height and weight for your children

"Health is Wealth " is a common proverb which we use in our daily life. When it comes to children , parents always check height and weight of their children regularly so that they look physically and mentally fit according to their age. Otherwise they immediately need to consult a doctor for avoiding future health problems. Height plays a vital role in everybody life because it stops growing after certain age. Hence it is necessary to take proper steps before its too late for your children.

During my childhood, my father always use to regularly mark the height and weight of my brother and mine. I used to ask him why he does this regularly. He used to tell me with a smile that he is trying to learn whether I am growing or not. Funny thing was I always try to stand on my toes to show my father that I am growing and I am to his height.

There are many benefits of staying healthy with good height and weight. Some of the advantages are shared below

For taking part in Sports:
Now, so we already know why height and weight plays an important role in the daily life. Likely if your kids want to take part in any sports activity, you need to get a physical fitness certificate where ones height and weight plays an important role.

If you want your kids to take part in NCC or NSS etc., activities:
Here also again it plays an important role of height and weight which are very much necessary to participate in this activities and serve the country.

For getting jobs in Airforce,Navy, Army etc: Many of my friends though they are physically fit and capable enough, they were always used to drag back because of their height. So if you want your children to serve country in Airforce, Navy, Army etc, then concentrate on your child height and weight which are important for selections.

Health tips for active growth of height and weight of your children:

Take part in sports:
Nothing more than sports help your children to be healthy. This helps to active their cells in the body, help in spending unnecessary calories, active the brain etc., This also helps them excel in their studies as well. Basket ball is best for growing height, we all know why.

Healthy diet : Now a days many children are running after fast food, which is a healthy hazard, so slowly control your children by diverting them to fruits , dry fruits, vegetables like carrot, beet root etc. they slowly love it. Make sure that you make them eat proper diet food with required nutrients.

Health drinks: We find many health drinks that consists of required nutrients and proteins which are needed for the growth of height and weight of children .Likely though their are many brands in the market , Horlicks , the health drink brand which is very popular among the children (during my childhood I used to eat rather than drinking it)  have come up with healthy growth drink with necessary contents of proteins and nutrients for the children between the age of 6-9 years, and can see an active growth with in 6 months if they are lagging back of proper height and weight .You can check out in this link for further details

So, parents should not neglect the height and weight of the children if  they are not growing according to their age, if certainly effects the bright future of the children.
Act now before it is too late.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Health benefits of Quinoa grains

Quinoa the Queen of Grains, are you searching for one food that helps you in controlling your weight, get rid of digestive problems ,immediate remedy for severe headache, then you landed on a correct place, today i am going to discuss about the health benefits of "Quinoa" which is called as  Mother of grains. So now, why i said mother of grains because when you compared with other grains , quinoa is rich in proteins, unsaturated fats, potassium, phosphorous, copper, zinc, E vitamin, B6 etc.,

Best food for weight loss:

If you are dieting, then you must try quinoa because 
  • this is easily digestible
  • helps in controlling the sugar levels in blood, 
  •  helps you in melting unwanted fat 
  • compared to other grains the quinoa has low fat, rich in vitamins , proteins etc., if you think of barley, wheat ,egg etc for proteins then quinoa is more rich in it.
Want calcium then try Quinoa:

Now a days many are facing a problem with deficiency of Calcium and many of them prefer to take milk for calcium but if you don't like milk then you can try Quinoa as it is rich in calcium.

Best for Healthy heart and solution for Digestive problems:

As quinoa is rich in Magnesium it helps in making your heart healthier, it also helps in solving digestive problems.

/Not only this, if you are facing any problem with headache then make sure of taking quinoa in your daily food, soon you will be getting the relief and also it helps you in making your brain active. If you like Indian food then you can try making kichidi with this.So if  you are looking for healthy food  then you must try quinoa. I hope you like this article and find it useful.

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Friday, June 3, 2016

Go Fashion With Yellow

Many of us love yellow color ,especially in summer season most of them prefer wearing yellow. So today let me tell you a few tips , which makes you look more beautiful :

Never choose yellow for both top and bottom:

If you wear Blue Jeans then you can choose a yellow T-shirt Or if you wear a yellow plain skirt then try to choose an other color for top which suits you.

Try yellow Accessories:

Most of them complain that Yellow doesn't suits their skin tone then  you must try yellow  accessories like handbag, sandals, scarf ,ear rings, artificial jewelry etc., this surely gives you a beautiful look.

 Combination colors with Yellow:

(i)Yellow-Blue: whether it is bottom or top try to keep  one with light color and other with dark color then only will make you look attractive. For example, if you wear a dark yellow Kurti then wear a light Blue Jeans.

(ii)Yellow-Black: If you want to try a Yellow saree then you can choose a black blouse with it.

Yellow gives a great look though you don't wear any ornaments:

As yellow is a bright color one need not have to wear necklace, but if you wish to then choose brown or black and gold ornaments will make you look good. If you don't want to wear any necklace or some thing then you can go for long ear rings.

So, if you don't like yellow completely then you can for a T-shirt with yellow stripes or mixed with other color so that it doesn't make yellow color as dominant and finally if you are not sure whether the color suits you or not then you can certainly go for the other accessories with yellow.

So these are  the tips to go fashion with yellow color and i hope you like reading this article .
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My Experience with Driving

Having a Car in home makes you feel proud in the society, but now a days having a car is not enough what type of car you have is a question. In my view having a car is not enough we need to maintain and use it that makes a difference. One need to have a zeal of driving then only we can enjoy. In my view one need to have a complete grip of knowledge even the basic things when we go in purchasing a vehicle.

My experience with 2 wheeler and tips to learn:

When i thought  of  learning a 2 wheeler though i can afford a new one my brother purchased a second hand scooty , asked me to learn with it and when i am confident of myself he said he will get me  a new one.
Frankly speaking as it is not a new one , i didn't feel like burden of getting scratches to it so i learnt freely, but thank god i haven't made a single scratch to it and i started driving it confidently, thanks to my brother who taught me the basic things of driving and tricks as well.
So,that was my first driving lessons from my brother and i came to know various things which we need to see while purchasing a new vehicle apart from price like  body of the vehicle, mileage, pickup , reviews etc., so now i owned two wheeler.

My experience with 4 wheeler and things we need to learn:

As the days pass by , i started learning the four wheeler which became necessary as when we need to go long distances with family i find it comfortable if not i love driving a two wheeler because of the heavy traffic now a days, and with two wheeler it is easy to drive. Likely, i joined a driving school, my instructor has made me learn the driving and i really felt thrilled when i took the car on road with the real steering wheel in my hand and i remembered my childhood days where i used to play with the steering and doing various sounds. I think one must learn driving it does built your confidence, one can feel it on their own.

Likely, many things come to our mind when we think of purchasing a new vehicle like car, which is a luxurious item and a dream of many  of having a car at home ,travelling with family and friends . So recently i came through one of the car  which says that Fun.Freedom.Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi- GO- the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback which i am looking for and one should remember driving a car should bring fun, freedom and confidence, likely the three things which i liked in it are:

1.Its YUKAN DESIGN and Japanese Technology:
Yes the car has a dynamic design which gives a premium stylish look and used Japanese technology, Day time lightening lamps are inbuilt which makes people know when you are coming in the daylight and this is very important now a days in urban traffic.

It has a spacious comfort seating for five , space for luggage, so ideal for travelling long distances and have modern dash layout, sporty fabric, Audio system like fm, mp3 CD etc., i love driving with slow music so find it useful and superior air conditioning features suitable for Indian weather conditions.

3.Finally comes the performance:
This car consists of 799CC engine and impressive fuel mileage  of 25,17 km/L, i find it pretty good compared to other cars , and its i-SAT Engine helps in driving car smoothly.

I would like to test drive in Visakhapatnam beach road ,go for a long drive to Araku with my friends and will look for performance of the engine and mileage. So , are these the features you are looking for a car to purchase, what are your experiences with driving share with me.
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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Impact of Cloves and pepper on Health

Many of us think that Cloves and pepper are only used as a spice to make food tasty. But, clove and pepper has many benefits which  directly or indirectly shows impact on our health.

Cloves are the only spices where we can find Vitamin A and Beta carotene which we usually find more in green leafy vegetables and fruits. Cloves also helps in getting rid of many cancers especially lung cancer  and mouth cancer.

So, now let us know how cloves are useful in daily life and how it can be useful in leading a healthy life:

Best medicine for teeth infections:  Clove oil is used as a medicine in dealing with teeth and gum infections. Take a small cotton ball with clove oil and smear near the infection, which immediately provides the relief, the same with the gums.

Helps in solving respiratory problems: When you are facing with cold or cough then taking of clove will help you in providing relief in taking breath properly and it acts as a natural pain killer.

Cloves are best for Digestion: Sometime we take food heavily especially during functions, festivals etc., and face the problem of indigestion which results in vomiting etc., , at that moment chewing of cloves helps you in easy digestion .

Helps in controlling Blood pressure: Potassium, manganese, Zinc in cloves helps in controlling blood pressure.

clove oil as an ointment: clove oil can be applied on the wounds, mosquito bites etc., which helps in curing early as possible.

Cloves as mouth freshener: Bad smell from mouth can be controlled by chewing cloves regularly.

Not only this, cloves also help in maintaining the skin and grow hair properly.

Pepper is one of the best spices in controlling indigestion and gastric problems, The antibacterial and antioxidants in pepper help in maintaining a healthy body . Pepper is also helpful in loosing weight  which helps in fitness.

Eradicating Breast cancer: Taking pepper in your daily food helps in decreasing the chances of breast cancer which is nowadays found more in women. 

Controlling weight: pepper has fat controlling supplements which helps in not increasing weight in the body.

For controlling Stress: The alkaloids in pepper helps in releasing serotonin harmone which helps in controlling stress . 

As we all know that pepper is best used as spice not only to make food tasty but also helps in digestion. The alkaloids present in pepper helps in releasing more hydrochloric acid which ultimately helps in digestion of proteins in our body, this likely helps in proper digestion, get rid of gastric trouble, Pepper is also can be used with the milk when we face with severe cold or cough it immediately provides relief in breathing properly.

Taking of Pepper is not recommended for the persons who has undergone operations and are facing stomach infectious diseases, it is better to consult your physician before using it.

So, what are your views regarding this spices, please share with me.

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Impact of music in daily life

We often hear that listening to songs early in the morning makes you feel refreshed and this ultimately shows impact on whole day. Many of us agree with me that music is a friend who makes you feel happy and brings a smile on your face. That is the reason now Radio FM's and Radio jockey's has become more popular in India which plays songs as per the taste of the public through out the day.

Music as medicine:
No doubt Music is a medicine which brings peace of mind hence music Therapy is the popular treatment which is used in treating patients , in many parts of the World and it is bringing positive results.

 Music as a platform of communication:
A research says that people who sing and who are able to give performances  in playing any musical instrument are proved to be more communicative and has very good contacts with the society. One can express the feelings, emotions with music as a platform. for example, if you want to propose what can be other than music.

Music helps in improving your memory:
Now a days Corporate schools and colleges , parents are encouraging their kids to excel in playing music instruments or learning classical or western music as it is helping in improving the memory and  a research says that children who are learning music are showing better results in their education because music is helping them to concentrate, its like a meditation which is not making them to divert from their work.

Music has no language:
Music doesn't need language one can understand the emotions whether it is through the lyrics or facial expressions or situation anything . I often love to hear melodious songs of different languages even though i don't understand the language.

In India music plays a vital role especially classical music like Hindustani, karnatic, etc., which is taught as a special subject in many universities and offers various diplomas, degrees to the students.

No occasion with out Music:
However, it is no doubt that music refreshes your mind, it helps in decreasing the temperament which helps in controlling the blood pressure. Now a days there is no party with out music, whether it is marriage, birthday party or a weekend bash or moon light dinner music  is must. As per the trend now a days, accessories  are also being specially designed keeping in view of people's interest. With the advent of Mobile phones and memory chips now collection of your favorite songs on your finger tip, going for the office, long drive in your car , want to relax for a while, take an ear phone plug in to your mobile phone and enjoy. But please don't use while you are driving or crossing roads .

India is blessed with many great music directors, composers, singers, who are experts in their areas and always gives their best in every song. M.S.Subbalaxmi, Latamangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Shreya Ghoshal, Shankar mahadevan, A.R.Rahman, Arjit singh, S.P.Balasubhramanyam are my favorite  singers and music directors who are best in their fields.

so, tell me what is your view about music, how it rules your life, share with me.

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Go Fashion with Floral Designs

Got Bored with the regular designs then try floral designs which is latest trend in the fashion industry. This floral designs are showing impact on the minds of the people in such a way that it makes you feel refreshed , also making you feel happy not only to you but also people around you and this is the main reason why fashion designers has bought this beautiful floral designs to be a part of their fabric.
This canvas beautiful floral prints are ultimately attracting women who are the queens of the fashion World . Though floral designs are evergreen in fashion industry but this designs usually used to be followed regularly by the western countries that too in the summer season  but now we see this designs regularly.This floral designs are ideal for party wear, evening parties, long drives etc.,
Early days the  common colors used are white with the light color floral prints, in Sarees we used to see on synthetic Sarees but now the trend has changed thanks the innovative fashion designers who are now experimenting this designs on Georgette, netted sarees, Rawsilk, Cotton silk etc., apart from this we can also this designs in traditional wear like Gagracholis, Salwar suits, Lehengas etc., not only this now the floral blouses have become trend in the fashion Industry, many are making it a must in the wardrobe as it matches with many sarees as well.
Even men are trying floral designed shirts, accessories, traditional clothes. This designs are making them look cool in this latest fashion trend.
Before women are the one who used to rule the fashion industry with the latest trends but now time has changed even men are trying new trends, even they are taking care of various accessories it is no doubt to say that now even men has become more fashionable and giving tough competition to the women with their bold looks and fashionable looks. Even accessories are playing important role in making you look fashionable, so be careful while choosing accessories,

Latest Western Floral designed :

Tops, kurtis, leggings, Pants, Blazers, etc,, are going floral with the latest designs.

Floral Accessories look cool:
Floral necklace, earrings, shoes, Bracelets, Sandals, watches etc,. are also specially being designed with increasing fashion trend.

Tips to follow when you use floral designs:

1. If you wear floral designed skirt then you need to wear normal plain top, the same follows with the saree, if you wear floral saree, then you need to wear plain blouse then you looks fantastico and you will be the center of attraction.
2.Accessories also should be plain when you use floral designed clothes.

So, not yet tried floral designer dresses then try various dresses trending in the fashion industry. Liked the article let me know your views as well.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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