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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Top 5 Benefits of Green Tea in Daily life

Why Green Tea?
Now a days, many of them has become health conscious and taking care of their health and also their dear ones. Likely, today i want to discuss regarding the top 5 benefits of Green tea and why most of the people prefer them :

1.The caffeine which is present in Green Tea is good for health:  Not like usual caffeine which we find in coffee and some energy drinks which is usually not good for health so you can replace your other drinks with this Green Tea. 

2.Green tea reduces stress , reduces weight, tooth pain  and boosts immunity: It seems that the theanine in green tea helps in reducing stress, EGCG helps in reducing weight and also boost immunity and not only this it also helps you to relief with your tooth pain. 

 3. Want to get rid of heart disease, diabetes  , blood clots and high blood pressure try Green tea: yes, Green tea helps us in smooth flow of blood in our body, poly phenols and polysaccharides help in controlling the sugar levels in our body and also it helps in controlling the blood pressure and helps in increasing the good level of cholesterol and also improves arteries function which helps in good functioning of heart.

4. Helps in reduction of weight: Green tea helps burning the extra fat in our body due to the presence of catechins so if you are planning for weigh loss then add it in your regular diet.

5. Protects your skin and also helps in growth of your hair:  It protects your skin from sun as it works as an antioxidant and also when it is applied to hair it helps in smooth growth of hair.
Even though their are more healthy benefits like  helps in getting rid of memory loss, prevents wrinkles etc., the above five are the most common reason why people prefer for Green tea. So want to test it have Green tea and check it and share your views.



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