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Saturday, January 31, 2015

5 Tips for a refreshing face with Neem Face wash

One of the best ways to have an attractive look is to have to freshness in face all the time. Freshness in face attracts any kind of person in any point of time. If you are going for an interview or you are taking a presentation, one of the best ways to have attraction from the audience is to have freshness in your face.

Given below are some tips to have freshness in your face all the time even if you have oily skin or suffering with pimples.

Tips to avoid pimples

Do you have pimples on your face and looking for remedies, then this article is for you. Right from childhood, I have the problem of pimples. I have seen many of teenagers nowadays have pimples. This is because I was breaking the pimples which were spreading them all over the face.

 1.Best way to solve pimples problems is to avoid it at the initial stage itself. As old saying “Prevention is better than cure”, if you have an initial stage of pimples, don’t break them. Otherwise you are at a stage where you will be spending money just avoiding pimples in the entire life.

2. Another way of avoiding pimples is to regularly use a face wash which will help you to avoid pimples. Being a HR manager, I am always in meetings giving presentation and one of the best ways I keep myself refreshing is regularly using my Garnier Neem Facewash.

3.By using face wash which has Neem extracts, you have the chance to clean the pores thus avoid spreading of pimples and removing excess oil on the skin. This keeps skin healthy and refreshing.
4. For job seekers and people in corporate world, it is very much necessary to be refreshed to make them success in their work. For HR executives in this corporate world, every day we need to meet new people, talk to them, give presentations and we usually make sure that everything is perfect. One of the best ways to keep yourself active is to regularly clean your face. Also having Green tea is one way to keep yourself active at the work place.

5. Now there are many face wash available in the market and you must be preferring the best face wash for your needs. In olden days, turmeric neem and sandalwood were some of the things that were helpful in keeping face clean for bacteria. So select a face wash that best meets your needs and which helps you from removing dark spots and avoiding pimples.

I had good experience with Garnier products and Neem face wash of Garnier is one which I would suggest if you are looking for a face wash for pimples or oily skin. Do share your experiences about some of the best ways to keep yourself active and refreshed at work.

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