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Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Healthy home with healthy diet

Cooking is my favorite hobby and I love to cook some of the best dishes of India. But my parents call me junky as I eat a lot of food which has lots of fats and oils. My father always say,  A healthy body comes with a healthy diet. Even though I eat a lot of junk food, still I maintain a healthy physique because I always remember these words from my father. So I managed to modify my cooking skills by maintaining a balanced diet in my cook book.

Right from childhood, we are a combined family with my parent’s brothers and sisters living together as a joint family. As my father is the smallest, I was the laadli (most loved) girl in my family. Everyone used to enjoy spending time with me. And to make the child happy, they used to bring lot of chocolates and sweets for me.

My father never used to resist me from eating my favorite choice dishes and chocolates. What he ensures is to accompany them with a proper diet such as the Dabur Chyawanprash which I remember having from childhood.  I used to love lot of fruits and my father used to bring a new fruit every day. Along with milk, I used to have dry fruits Pista, Badam and Walnuts. I remember that I always liked them because my father was clever enough to give them by making me win them by doing fun activities.

I never had any serious health problem because I was a sports woman from my childhood. My father loves badminton and he always took me along and used to teach me badminton during free time. So there we have lot of my father’s friends cheering me up when my father was playing.  Before badminton we used to go for jogging for warmup and those were my most cherish able moments in my childhood days.

Even though things changed and I moved to the managerial side of becoming an HR, my father has thought me how we can manage the balance between the work life and the healthy diet. It is all up to us on how we manage our diet. People will love to spend time with us if we have a perfect diet and a simple body.

My childhood days are the best ones for taking as an example.  I remember the incident when I was sick only for two days and everyone were concerned about my health. It was just a normal fever but the house which was always busy became silent because I was ill. Everyone used to come and spend time silently which used to be with fun earlier. But my father always was super cool and he took me around getting me fresh air and then I am fit again. My mother always used to follow my father words and I too used to do the same. Such was the love and care he has for me.

I always cherish those childhood moments and my healthy diet. Enjoy a perfect diet and stay happy and healthy. Read more on staying healthy and maintaining healthy diet by going through the link and share your favorite diet strategies with me



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