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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Healthy food makes you fit and fine

Health is wealth this is an all time mantra for the people all around the World. How can we be healthy is the most common question asked by many , a simple logic, if we do proper regular exercise,  eat healthy food and sleep in time then you will never have any health issue.  A morning walk, yoga, simple physical exercises, gardening etc., helps your body to be fit and active .   I can say it for sure as i am a live example as i  go for a morning walk and meet my friends early in the morning and chit chat with them by  cracking jokes  or i simply walk  listening to pleasant music that’s it, my whole day will go with out a single tension on my face and i stay healthy. In my work life, i always get an appreciation of being active, hardworking and always smile on my face and all that credit goes to my family as they  helped and taught me to maintain a healthy life style.

About my healthy lifestyle,  i am a big foodie , I love to make and eat  different varieties snacks which are simple,healthy, less time taking and tasty .I generally think of taking oil free breakfast early in the morning, i usually prefer for idilis, juice with fruits or egg white, sandwich or  cornflakes with cold milk which is my all time favorite. I never skip breakfast so i prefer mostly Kellogg cornflakes with almonds,fruits or simply cold milk.   The best thing about cornflakes is it is ready to it, tasty and is available anywhere in world, so i am really happy about this . Recently, Kelloggs has introduced new advertisement with Kellogg's walle Guptaji ka nastha in which their is a family of four,  Guptaji head of the family and works as distributor for Kellog’s , his wife shalu who is a house wife who takes care of her husband and their two children Ritu and Rohan  who are very naughty and smart. Shalu ji makes varieties of tasty recipes with using cornflakes with varieties of names like date wala nashta, chup kaarane wala nashta, line pe laane wala nashta etc., and brings  a  smile on the faces of family members and also learns new  recipes with the help of his husband best friend who is a chef .  

I really love this family as it is similar to mine, as we are also family of four and i believe the family which lives together, eats together and smiles together never can  face tough time in their life's. And if i got a chance to meet guptaji family, i love to go for nastha for guptaji home as i surely can say that food will be tastier and healthy, would get a chance to  learn new recipes , tips  from shalu ji, spend time with such a lovely family and try those recipes and serve to my family as well.

If you are also interested to know about this family , want to  learn new recipes of cornflakes you need to check out these videos believe me these are so simple and tasty. If you are also like me and always try healthy recipes, please do share with me.



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