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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Impact of Instant food on Health

Eat healthy Live Healthy, this is the usual proverb which we hear often from our childhood, but the fact is in this busy life schedule many of us are depending on fast food centers, hotels, canteen etc., in short we are mostly depending on outside food, this is ultimately showing impact on health of many at a very young age with diseases like thyroid, diabetic, obesity etc.,

Secondly, no body is trying to have food at regular timing which again showing impact on health , Even doctors , Nutritionists are suggesting to take food in time and at regular intervals. Even some are skipping their breakfasts.

Thirdly, regular exercise at least 30 min walk is necessary to keep you fit and find in this polluted, busy, competitive ,corporate world.  Now a days even some corporate companies are providing facilities like yoga, Gyms etc., but using them is also necessary which completely depends on us.

Today i want to give five tips which we all can do and keep our health good :

Eat well sleep well: Yes the fact is now a days many of us are not even eating properly or sleeping properly, for example all of a sudden if we got a message on social networking sites like whatsapp or facebook etc., we wake up from our sleep which is not good for health better you keep your Internet off during night time, second thing while eating please be away from your mobiles, television, laptops, tabs etc., see what you are eating, how much you are eating ,try to enjoy your food, and take food at regular time without skipping .

Stop Junk Eat Fresh : Junk foods are mostly prepared with all purpose flour (Maida) which is not good for health, i don't want to say stop eating but slowly replace this with the fresh fruits and vegetables like carrots, soon you can see the change.

Enjoy your life and never forget your loved ones: Many of us know what is going to happen if we don't react ultimately but we still complain, this is the major difference between people who succeed and who fail, if you can understand this simple logic no body can beat you. Here i want to say that schedule your tasks, complete your work today itself, don't postpone. Spend some time with your loved ones go for a long drive in a car or bike, small vacations, this will bring happiness to your life and feel relaxed.

Regular Exercise and Meditation: Sleep early and wake up early, if you like walking in the early morning, go for a walk at least for 30 min, and this will surely bring difference in your life.

Take a hobby, this is the time for you: If you want to bring a change in your life then build up your hobby weather it can be playing a guitar, singing songs, playing with kids, teaching, painting, cooking etc., anything it can be , this is the time which you need to keep yourself, so that this can bring your peepy life back to you and can set new goals to yourself.

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